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10 May 2018


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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 03 May 2012

For more than a decade now the Spybot - Search & Destroy application has been protecting PCs from the threat of spyware and adware. The application’s story starts back in 2000 when German software engineer Patrick Michael Kolla, a student at the time, started work on a program that would protect against Aureate/Radiate and Conducent TimeSink, two early adware threats. Since then Spybot - Search & Destroy has gotten better and better, something that has not gone unnoticed – the security tool received many awards that applauded its functionality and ease of use. Spybot - Search & Destroy is now distributed by Safer Networking Limited, Patrick Michael Kolla’s Irish company.

To get started with Spybot - Search & Destroy on your Windows-powered machine, you will first have to download the installation file. When you run the aforementioned file, a setup wizard will show up and take you through the installation process. There are several things that must be mentioned here. The first is that you will get to choose one of the many, many languages Spybot - Search & Destroy supports. The next is that you will get to choose between a Full installation, Full installation for blind users, Compact Installation, Compact installation with no additional languages, and a Custom installation. The Full installation includes the main files, additional languages, skins, updates, integration with Security Center, and a separate Secure Shredder application. To get Spybot - Search & Destroy to integrate with the right click context menu, select the Explorer file scan plugin during the installation. Last but not least, during the installation you will be asked to choose some additional tasks: create desktop icons, create Quick Launch icon, Use Internet Explorer Protection (SDHelper), and Use system settings protection (TeaTimer).

The first time you run Spybot - Search & Destroy you will be presented with a Wizard that helps you set up the initial settings. You will be asked to create a backup of the Windows Registry, you will be invited to search for updates, and you will be advised that it is a good idea to immunize the system. The last prompt the Wizard presents has links to a tutorial, to the help file, and a button to start using Spybot - Search & Destroy.

There are two modes to choose from as far as the interface is concerned: Default Mode and Advanced Mode. Default Mode presents buttons for Search & Destroy, Recovery, Immunize, Update, and Donations in the left hand side; what you see in the main window to the right depends on what button you click on the left. The Advanced Mode puts some extra buttons in the left hand side of the interface: Settings, Tools, Info & License. The Advanced Mode puts more options at your disposal, which is good; but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up harming your system, which is definitely not good. So if you decided to use the Advanced Mode, be sure you know what you’re doing. And since we’re talking about the interface, it must be mentioned that skins are supported; use them to change the way the application looks.

As mentioned at the start, Spybot - Search & Destroy can protect your machine from spyware and adware. It is a very simple task to start scanning your system for the threats Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect. From the interface, just click on the Check for problems button and let the scan complete. It will not take long for the scan to complete and once it does, you will be presented with all the problems that affect your system. You can view more info on these detected problems and you can fix them.

Users who take their privacy seriously will like the extra functionality that Spybot - Search & Destroy has to offer. The application can remove the tracks you leave behind when using the computer and it can securely delete files (wiping files ensures they cannot be brought back to life with a data recovery tool).

You will not have to part with your money to enjoy the functionality the Spybot - Search & Destroy application has to offer. If you have some money to spend, then consider making a donation to support the application’s development. If you don’t or can’t afford to, the developer asks you to say a prayer for him and wish the Safer Networking Limited luck.

There’s a reason why Spybot - Search & Destroy has been around for so many years and has been applauded by the media: it is a properly good, easy to use, and free security and privacy tool that will protect your system from spyware and adware.


There are several installation types to choose from. A Wizard is presented to you when you first run Spybot - Search & Destroy and helps you with some initial settings. Support for a very long list of languages is provided. Spybot - Search & Destroy protects against spyware and adware; it comes with some extra functions that privacy-oriented users will appreciate. Change the way the application looks with skins. The Advanced Mode puts more options on the interface. Spybot - Search & Destroy is freeware.


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